Leggings have come back into style over the past couple of years with a vengeance and zeal that has seen most ladies of all ages and sizes try them out with various outfits. They were largely popular in the 80s but of late, they have become more of a compulsory accessory in every lady’s wardrobe. Leggings are even better than the so-called comfy denim jeans and as this is not enough, you will also find some printed leggings that can be customized to give more beautiful pieces.

    However comfy or fashionable leggings may seem when paired with the right items of accessories and clothing, they could look horribly bad and most of all unflattering if you wear them in the wrong way. Read on this article to find out just how you should never wear them to ensure that you will always be looking great in leggings.

    Never wear them as regular trousers

    This might be a little confusing as the essence of leggings are mainly said to be a different type of ‘trousers’ just as jeans and capris for example. However, this only means that you cannot treat leggings as your regular trousers. The man reasons are because leggings are usually too tight and thus they tend to show all your bulges, hug you tightly to your bottom and many a time, they tend to gather between your legs while you are standing straight resulting into the infamous ‘camel-toe’ effect.

    A pair of printed leggings only needs to be worn with a long plain tee and you will certainly stand out from the crowd. Moreover, these elements of leggings, that you definitely would not want to display, should not make you to completely avoid them either. As earlier mentioned, if you find the appropriate accessories to go with them, you are good to go. Any tops that hit rights as your waistline and would have otherwise looked awesome with a pair of jeans should not be worn with leggings.

    Leggings are best if worn with longer tops many a time referred to as tunic tops. This helps make sure that all the unsightly bulges are completely covered up. This tunic top also helps give a flattering silhouette to your overall look and puts more emphasis on showing off your legs which is precisely what leggings should do.

    You can as well enhance your look by wearing leggings with a slight kitten heel as this puts emphasis on your ankle and elongates your leggings to result into a slimmer look. Also, if you are wearing your leggings during winter, you could wear them with heeled boots which is certainly a sexy look.

    Leggings are a really great piece of accessory but if you wear them wrongly, everything may not seem as normal as people tend to notice the wrongs more than the rights. Therefore, follow this simple rules and you can be sure that you are on the safe side. Moreover, do not only go for the plain ones as printed leggings also give one much more elegance and a unique look.

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  • This amazing legging, made with a push up effect looks sportive, fashionable and is super comfortable!

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